Taylor Matthews


This dapper Englishman has been a long & loyal employee of the Tommy Collins family for some years now.  After making the move across from London to partake in some travelling & exploring, Taylor quickly found his feet within the food & events industry here in Melbourne.

Loving the passion of the TC group for all things hospitality, this expat couldn’t wait to bring his cultured, yet diverse experience to the catering team.  His background in the UK saw him complete a four year Business Finance (Hons) degree from Nottingham Business School (NTU), which has certainly served him well within his role here, at TC HQ.

His impressive hospitality career has seen him take on the role of bar & floor supervisor at the prestigious 2 Michelin starred eatery, ‘Restaurant Sat Bains’ over a three year period.  During his time here, Taylor eagerly perfected his fine-dining skill set and gained an invaluable experience for this style of service.