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‘Food & Fashion with Oscar Hunt Tailors’

Bespoke, charming, effortlessly cool. These are just a few of the words that can describe boutique Melbourne tailors, Oscar Hunt.  These dapper gents are making their mark on the men’s fashion scene with their made-to-measure suits & impeccable service.  We recently caught up with the man behind the suit, Chris Edwards, to chat all things tailoring, inside their brand new CBD studio…
TC   Have you always been interested in men’s fashion & tailoring?  

OH  I’ve always had a passion for clothes & styling and think that there’s nothing better than going through the process of having a suit that’s made-to-measure.  

TC   What inspired you to start the company & offer gents this uniquely different service?

OH  I remember as a young lad heading to the tailors with my dad whenever he needed to get a suit or jacket for a special occasion.  The tailor would make a big fuss of him and go to great lengths to ensure everything was the way he wanted it.  My dad actually enjoyed the shopping experience and always looked forward to it.  As I got older and shopped for suits myself, I wasn’t happy with what was on offer and the made-to-measure brands were just too expensive.

TC  With regards to the seasonal change in men’s fashion, is there an area that excites you more than others?

OH   To be honest, we get hyped about every season and up-coming event on the calendar.  We’re moving into spring/summer now and with the racing carnival on the horizon, we’re seeing more & more guys planning their outfits in advance & opting for a move away from the more traditional trappings.  The wedding season is fast approaching also, so with plenty of groom fittings booked in, we’re definitely going to be kept busy!

TC   Can you talk us through the process of having a custom made suit created at Oscar Hunt?

OH   It all starts with the initial consultation where we sit down with the client and run through the specs of what they’re looking for.  During this time we take all the correct measurements and pick out the materials, cloths & special features needed.  All of our cloth is sourced from the best manufacturers in London (Huddersfield Cloth) and then the designs are created in China which helps to keep the price point down.  There are a further 2 fittings where our head tailor Oscar Lake makes all the final adjustments & tweaks.  The finished suit or jacket is then ready within a 4-6 week time frame.

TC   Just to touch back on the London aspect, have you drawn any inspiration from the fashion industry there?OH   Yes definitely.  The tailors along Savile Row are probably without a doubt, the best in the world.  Their reputation certainly precedes them, with their esteemed traditions and attention to detail.  In relation to the London fashion scene, I really admire the way British men dress – the classic sharp, tailored look, is the quintessential English style that often inspires us.TC   With regards then to your own service here at Oscar Hunt, what sets you apart from your competitors?

OH   I feel that we really focus on the relationship between client & tailor first and foremost.  It can often be a daunting experience for some guys to have this shopping experience, so we try to make it as relaxed as possible. Our new studio space features a custom-made oak bar surrounded by dark leather armchairs, which certainly adds another comfortable edge to the scenario.

TC   Things are moving quickly Chris, with the new addition of this stunning CBD studio.  Have you got any other future plans in the pipeline?

OH   We’d definitely like to move into Sydney next if we found the right space and hopefully Australia wide after that.  We’ve got a travelling tailor concept on the radar also, from which we could offer our bespoke service straight to your front door.

TC   All of these plans sound very exciting!  But more importantly…are you going to be incorporating a womenswear range anytime soon?!

OH   Haha! Yea that’s certainly a question we get asked a lot – maybe perhaps in the not so distant future…watch this space!

With the interview finished, I relax into the comfort of the Oscar Hunt leather armchair, kick off my brogues, and sip on a smoky, single malt.  Why can’t all shopping trips be just like this?!

Mr. C


Oscar Hunt 
Address     Level 3/43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne.
Phone        0499 000 011
Email         [email protected]
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Belle Reader Dinner

Tommy Collins is proud to announce their recent collaboration with Scott Livesey Galleries which saw the production of the esteemed Belle Magazine Reader Art Dinner, celebrating the works of guest artist, Martine Emdur


 The contemporary venue set within one of Melbourne’s popular art precincts (High St, Armadale), was an ideal space to host this anticipated event.  Inside the light filled gallery, the large blank walls were taken over by the aqua marine images from Emdur, that adorned each surface.  Further complimenting this innovative art, was the impressive floral arrangements that had been placed on the round dining tables & surrounding walls. Melbourne florist Fleur McHarg, worked tirelessly alongside Belle interior design editor Steve Cordonyto create the backdrops & installations which effectively had a huge visual impact.

The dining area inside, had been set (using simple, chic crockery from Place Settings) by Mr. Collins & his talented team.  The acute detailing was present throughout the event’s entirety, from the denim blue table linen to the matching denim aprons worn by the Tommy Collins waiters – these colours & materials tying in with the alluring art work on show.   A note of thanks must be given to the ever accommodating homemakers at HK Living  for allowing Tommy Collins Head Chef Michael Fox to set up his kitchen in their front shop space & for giving us use of their quirky stage props (used on platters & dishes).  

Once the initial roving canapé stage had concluded for the arriving guests, the Tommy Collins kitchen began their 3 course sit down affair.   The menu produced by Mr. Fox showcased award winning local produce including;  Tatura butter & Zeally Bay bread.  Under the watchful eye of Mr. Collins, the waiters placed each detailed course next to the beautifully set features, receiving a collective “wow” from the onlooking guests.  The deconstructed passionfruit dessert served in stemless glassware, eloquently placed by white gloved hands, successfully capped off a fantastic evening, as published in the June/July issue of Belle Magazine. 

Mr. C


Belle_June_July_2014_Reader_Dinner_Tommy_Collins_Michael_Fox_01 Belle_June_July_2014_Reader_Dinner_Tommy_Collins_Michael_Fox_02 Belle_June_July_2014_Reader_Dinner_Tommy_Collins_Michael_Fox_03 Belle_June_July_2014_Reader_Dinner_Tommy_Collins_Michael_Fox_04 Belle_June_July_2014_Reader_Dinner_Tommy_Collins_Michael_Fox_05

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Introducing… The Almond Merchant


The newest kid on the block in the Melbourne cafe scene, Almond Milk Co. has certainly caught the interest of coffee drinkers, baristas & health conscious folk, all around our fair city, and we can’t seem to wipe the smile from it’s bearded creatorCam Earl.  We sat down with the handsome chap to talk almonds, coffee & international domination.

TC    Can you tell us a little bit about Almond Milk Co & what your initial aim with the product was?

AM    The whole idea behind Almond Milk Co. is to create an accessible, quality driven almond milk for the general public.  As a dairy intolerant coffee drinker, I was focussed on creating the best dairy alternative I could; flavour & compatibility with coffee were paramount.

TC     How did that creative idea transcend into the fresh bottles of Almond Milk Co. that we see today?

AM    After many late night views of various ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, I began to make my own batches at home and played around with a lot of flavours & ingredients to get the right taste.  The best sweetener I came up with was the dates – they seemed to lift the milk enough without packing it full of sugar.

TC   Once your Almond Milk had been perfected, you must have been pretty keen to try it out on some ‘guinea pigs’?

AM    Yea I was really excited to see what other people made of it.  As I was managing the Little Ox cafe, that was my first port of call – where I started to give it to our regular customers & soy drinkers.  I was amazed at the positive response, with everyone being so surprised at how good it tasted and how well it worked in their coffees.

TC    Did you know then that you were onto a winner so to speak?

AM   To be honest, I think I knew it was something special from the start, but I guess the customer compliments really confirmed how successful it could potentially be.  That’s when I started seeing my product as a real industry contender and something that could be an actual business.

TC    Was it a natural transition to get involved with the guys at Tommy Collins to thrash out the business side of things?

AM    Having worked with TC family for some time, I already knew that they were great operators with lots of industry connections and a far reach.  Creating a partnership with them, I knew would mean that the product could be on shelves a lot quicker and have a bigger brand presence.  Using the TC production kitchen there was lots of space available, and that’s where the first lot of milk was hand-pressed & bottled.

TC   Wow, hand-pressing all those almonds must have been tough…please tell me you’re not still doing it by hand?!

AM   No thankfully after a few hard weeks we managed to get in a nematic press, which has been a godsend!  With the help of the machine & the sheer popularity of our product, we are managing to pump out 500 litres a week now.  From where we started 3 months ago, with 60 litres a week, this is a massive achievement, which we’re all stoked at!

TC   That is a huge jump in volume over a short period of time – do you think you’re attendance at the recent MICE event has had an impact on these numbers?

AM   Yea, without a doubt, MICE was an awesome forum for us where we were able to get more brand awareness and reach a much wider audience, particularly with the trade side of things.  We targeted the cafe culture with the product and have been successful in increasing the number of stockists.  We went from 4 stockists prior to the event, to 35, which we’re at today.

TC   With the short shelf life of Almond Milk Co. there are clearly limitations on how far you can go with it and where it can be stocked.  What is the future plans for the company & brand?

AM   Well the exciting news is that we are in fact only 3 months away from our tetra pack version which will have a longer shelf life, will be 100% organic and means that we can then reach out across Australia to every state.  From then, the goal is stock across the pond to my native kiwi land where the coffee culture booms.  We reckon this avenue will be amazing, as we’ve already had a lot of interest within NZ from cafe owners who are extremely keen to get Almond Milk Co. on board.

TC   Things are certainly moving very fast Cam!  Do you see any scope for bringing the brand to other countries worldwide?

AM   Yea definitely.  With the second long shelf option available soon, we would like to think that shipping across to Europe & the US wouldn’t be too far off.

TC   So nothing short of world domination for AMC then?!

AM  Ha ha, yea we’re taking over the world cafe scene, one almond at a time!

Check out for more info or see the map of Melbourne stockists below.

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It was by all accounts, “the staff party to end all staff parties” and lets face it, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr Collins!

The big dogs at TC HQ recently threw the penultimate staff party for their faithful workers. The venue catering our crew of 95, the Chef Hat award winning, Saint Crispin.

Saint_Crispin_Tommy_Collins_Staff_Party_1Tommy Collins-KADphotography-99Saint_Crispin_Tommy_Collins_Staff_Party_8Tommy Collins-KADphotography-120

There were many defining reasons behind Mr Collin’s decision to hold the party here, but none more so, than the mere fact that the eatery “embodies everything we cherish in hospitality” – from the confident, profession derive on the floor, to chefs’ innovative techniques and the sheer quality of every dish that leaves the pass.

Liaising closely with Scotty Pickett & Joe Grbac, the duo created an epic 9 course progressive dinner – featuring 3 menus of 3 courses each. The intention was to enable our crew to interact with each other throughout each division of the company.  It encouraged the catering team to meet the cafe guys, and the office into the field.

Although Mondays are renowned for being the best day to hold hospitality staff parties, this was in fact much to chef Ronnie’s despair.  A chef at the top of his game, working 100 hours a week, can often be broken being dragged in on his only day off, but not our Ronnie.  What a credit to chefs everywhere! Not only was the kitchen impeccably professional, but the wait staff were exceptional (trust us, serving 95 hungry hospo gurus at the same time, is no mean feat!).


Saint Crispin opened on a Monday, especially for us, and we took the entire restaurant both upstairs and down in order to seat our crew.  With the 9 course dining marathon in play, it was a game of musical chairs for all the staff.  Split into 3 main groups (two seated downstairs & one up) following on from the run of entreés, each group was then moved to the next area for the ensuing main course.  This paved way for the interaction/mixing element to the evening.  An impressive total of 380 dishes left the kitchen during the 4 hour dining stint – each and every one, perfect.  Scotty & Joe were certainly prepared for the evening, after warming up on ‘Masterchef‘, the Monday before.

The 9 course ‘banquet’ showcased the exquisite talents of the chefs of St Crispin, with innovation, class & tradition.



.: Menu One Upstairs :.

Heirloom Tomato salad, burata, candied olives, toasted oats

Salmon, lemon and herbed risone, sour cream espuma

Veal cheek and breast, miso eggplant, potato fondant, shaved broccoli

.: Menu Two Downstairs :.

Yellowfin Tuna, elements of watermelon, avocado espuma, Aleppo pepper

Breast and leg of Quail, shitake, shaved kombu, cuttlefish, dashi

Pork jowl and cheek, plum, shaved fennel, pickled mustard seed

.: Menu Three Downstairs :.

Vanilla cured salmon, saffron, squid ink, calamari, nasturtium

Cone bay barramundi, eggplant, sesame,  fat hen

Bannockburn Chicken, spaetzle, sweetcorn, basil, popcorn


The TC staff were blown away with the production of the evening & have the upmost respect for the experienced team here.

This TC soiree was without a doubt, the staff party to end all others!

Here’s to a cracking 2014!

Mr C.

More photos of the smiling Mr. & Mrs. Collins below.



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Hopkins River Masterclass

Tommy Collins are proud to declare their recent collaboration with Hopkins River Beef, a huge success. With a professional Masterclass held over two consecutive evenings, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th May, at Hawk & Hunter Ripponlea, theticketed event for meat lovers took place.     


Mr. Collins, alongside his head chef Michael Fox, and beef supremo Adam North, gave a select handful of meat enthusiasts, a lesson on all things beef. The Masterclass, was split in half, with the first block learning the art of preparing a succulent ‘Hanger’ steak – typically known as ‘The Butchers Steak’ – and the second a lesson in cooking it. North took his guests through that journey of butchering beef, whilst Fox focused on the charing, smoking & cooking of the secondary cut, otherwise often discarded and rarely praised.


With steel blades in hand, the beef masters showed how to score the cut and remove tough fatty layers.  They shared their breadth of knowledge about which beef cuts are best used in which particular dish and offered up various meal time suggestions. With their own piece of Hanger steak, chopping board & knife, guests were encouraged to try their hand at butchering the meat, taking in the guidance from Hopkins elite. Each group was then invited into the Tommy Collins  kitchen where Fox taught them how to cook their steak perfectly.  Using his impressive Texas Smoker, chef Fox guided guests through the technique of searing, sealing, smoking & cooking.  Alongside his trusted chef, Mr Collins kept wine glasses full with a 2009 Brown Brothers Tempranillo, encouraging an open forum for guests to ask questions regarding the cooking variations for different steaks and how best to serve them.


As the smoky coals wafted out the succulent smell of tender beef, guests were soon salivating for their taste of this special cut. With the aprons down, it was into linen draped dinning room for a slick sit down 3-course affair.  The hero of the meal was ultimately the sliced medium-rare Hanger steak that had been prepared by the guests themselves.  The stunning dishes were complemented by another selection of ’09 Brown Brothers, Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz.



With full, happy bellies and new butchering & cooking skills in tow, it’s fair to say guests of the Masterclass had a fantastic evening. Now if beef isn’t your bag, don’t fret, Mr. Collins is cooking up more interactive dining affairs soon. . .



Slow beef cheek, roesti, horseradish gremolata

Pickled beef croquets, Kansas sauce

.: ENTRÈE :.

Dried yuzu, Togarashi & Nori beef tartare, sesame crackers

.: MAIN :.

Char grilled & wood smoked Hanger steak (prepared by the guests)

.: SIDES :.

Green leaf

Triple cooked Willwash chips

Baby carrots, parsnips, beetroot

.: DESSERT :. 
Warm chocolate fondant, salted caramel, pidapipo vanilla bean gelato 



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