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HarvardX: Science & Cooking

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It’s not to late to join the Tommy Collins team studying Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science, a free online course from the online university edX. Harvard and MIT created edX so students around the world could access high-quality science, engineering, law and business classes online.


Top Chefs and Harvard researchers explore how everyday cooking and haute cuisine can illuminate basic principles in physics and engineering, and vice versa. It’s an introductory course so there aren’t any prerequisites, and tests are optional and you get to do all the tasty lab experiments right in your own kitchen. Course staff include;

Ferran Adrià, chef & owner of defunct elBulli and  founder of elBulli Foundation 

José Andres, founder of Think Food Group

David Chang, chef & owner of Momofuku Restaurant Group

Ted Russin, director of consulting at the Culinary Institute of America

Nathan Myhrvold, principal author of Modernist Cuisine



Study hard.

Mr. Collins,


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edX-Tommy Collins







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Tommy Collins Catering



Mr. Collins & ‘BLOODY ‘Chef Eli get into the HALLOWEEN spirit creating the edible Ripponlea grave yard perfectly matched with a TEQUILA TROMBA El Nïno.


El Nïno.
6 lime wedges

2 whole raspberries

22mls simple syrup

88mls. Tequila Tromba

1 scoop of Rosewater Gelato

Muddle lime, raspberries, and syrup in mixing glass. Add tequila and ice. Shake briefly and strain into Marie Antoinette. Decorate with a scoop of Rosewater Gelato.





Weak long black W a dash of cold milk



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Little Collins


Tommy Collins is ecstatic to have won for the second year in a row Melbourne Design Award, for INTERIOR DESIGN in the category of Hospitality for their latest baby, LITTLE COLLINS.  The award celebrates innovation and creative interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishing, finishes, aesthetics presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.

As part of the global City Design Awards program, the Melbourne Design Awards celebrate creativity, courage and innovation in design. Providing a central hub for marketplace recongintion, the Awards are open to all participants in the design process with a presence or exposure in the Melbourne region be they commissioners, creators, suppliers, promoters or purveyors of design. In 2010 Mark Bergin launched the Melbourne Design Awards, marking the first in the City Design Awards program and has secured a reputation as the leading design crowd marketing platform.

The design for LITTLE COLLINS was to break dow the monotonous workings of business park cafes. It has set a new benchmark in both design and format for business park cafes. Little Collins wants to be an escape for patrons and has fast become the metaphorical heart of the neighbourhood. The end product is a dynamic and warm ‘Belisure’ hub that provokes and entices patrons to celebrate food and coffee.


Little Collins,

296-310 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill

(03) 9543 3200





















Mr. Collins,

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Tommy Collins Catering


Streetwear retailing juggernaut ‘Culture Kings’ recently opened the doors to their HUGE double level store at 1 Queens Street, Melbourne. Formerly the  home of Fletcher Jones, Culture Kings Melbourne boasts the largest range of streetwear, sneakers, accessories as well as a barbershop.

The new space was christened with 150 of the Culture Kings family enjoying the spinning party tunes of DJ Whoo Kid, flowing champagne and a menu fit for a ‘Culture King’……………………


- Tamago nigiri, pickled ginger, wasabi kewpie mayo, soy caviar

- Paprika rubbed charred mini corn, queso, chipoltle aioli

- Whiskey cured King fish ceviche, pickled cucumber on mini muffin

- The ‘King’ waygu beef, maple bacon, Dijon mustard, tomato relish, cornichons

- Lemon Grass and Ginger tea smoked Atlantic salmon, wakame, saki broth

- Slow braised goat curry, pappadum, drunken sultanas, minted labne, wild rice



>  Soft shelled crab taco, jalapeño jam, slaw, avocado

>  Beef brisket, fried onion rings, pickled salad, chipotle



>  White peach puree, vanilla bavaroise, West Winds Gin jelly, pop rocks aero bar

>  Gold Chain, triple choc gateaux, with Tromba Tequila Ganache, gold leaf


Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch

Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch00 Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch09

Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch01 Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch02 Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch03 Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch04    Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch08  Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch10 Tommy Collins_Whoistommycollins_Culture_Kings_Melbourne_Launch11

Congratulations to Tristan (AKA Tommy’s stunt double in the pink) and Amanda on their great news.


Mr. Collins,

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Tommy Collins Catering

Angie & Will’s Wedding

Tommy Collins Catering - Angie & Will's wedding - Photography by

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