It was by all accounts, “the staff party to end all staff parties” and lets face it, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr Collins!

The big dogs at TC HQ recently threw the penultimate staff party for their faithful workers. The venue catering our crew of 95, the Chef Hat award winning, Saint Crispin.

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There were many defining reasons behind Mr Collin’s decision to hold the party here, but none more so, than the mere fact that the eatery “embodies everything we cherish in hospitality” – from the confident, profession derive on the floor, to chefs’ innovative techniques and the sheer quality of every dish that leaves the pass.

Liaising closely with Scotty Pickett & Joe Grbac, the duo created an epic 9 course progressive dinner – featuring 3 menus of 3 courses each. The intention was to enable our crew to interact with each other throughout each division of the company.  It encouraged the catering team to meet the cafe guys, and the office into the field.

Although Mondays are renowned for being the best day to hold hospitality staff parties, this was in fact much to chef Ronnie’s despair.  A chef at the top of his game, working 100 hours a week, can often be broken being dragged in on his only day off, but not our Ronnie.  What a credit to chefs everywhere! Not only was the kitchen impeccably professional, but the wait staff were exceptional (trust us, serving 95 hungry hospo gurus at the same time, is no mean feat!).


Saint Crispin opened on a Monday, especially for us, and we took the entire restaurant both upstairs and down in order to seat our crew.  With the 9 course dining marathon in play, it was a game of musical chairs for all the staff.  Split into 3 main groups (two seated downstairs & one up) following on from the run of entreés, each group was then moved to the next area for the ensuing main course.  This paved way for the interaction/mixing element to the evening.  An impressive total of 380 dishes left the kitchen during the 4 hour dining stint – each and every one, perfect.  Scotty & Joe were certainly prepared for the evening, after warming up on ‘Masterchef‘, the Monday before.

The 9 course ‘banquet’ showcased the exquisite talents of the chefs of St Crispin, with innovation, class & tradition.



.: Menu One Upstairs :.

Heirloom Tomato salad, burata, candied olives, toasted oats

Salmon, lemon and herbed risone, sour cream espuma

Veal cheek and breast, miso eggplant, potato fondant, shaved broccoli

.: Menu Two Downstairs :.

Yellowfin Tuna, elements of watermelon, avocado espuma, Aleppo pepper

Breast and leg of Quail, shitake, shaved kombu, cuttlefish, dashi

Pork jowl and cheek, plum, shaved fennel, pickled mustard seed

.: Menu Three Downstairs :.

Vanilla cured salmon, saffron, squid ink, calamari, nasturtium

Cone bay barramundi, eggplant, sesame,  fat hen

Bannockburn Chicken, spaetzle, sweetcorn, basil, popcorn


The TC staff were blown away with the production of the evening & have the upmost respect for the experienced team here.

This TC soiree was without a doubt, the staff party to end all others!

Here’s to a cracking 2014!

Mr C.

More photos of the smiling Mr. & Mrs. Collins below.



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