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Tabasco – the historical hero of the condiment aisle.

With an industry packed full of almost every possible condiment and sauce that any Mr. or Mrs. Collins could want or need, no other product deserves the no 1 spot more than Louisiana based, T A B A S C O hot sauce. With a production history spanning more than 140 years and it’s unique ageing process still in place today, it is undoubtedly one of the most successful bottled sauces on the market. The brand’s colourful history dates back to the mid 1860s when the founder Edmund McIIhenny created the unique hot and spicy flavour made exclusively from Tabasco peppers, vinegar & salt.


Initially McIIhenny used disgarded cologne bottles to distribute his new sauce to family and friends as he liked the shape and size of the glass. With the official first production of the sauce to the American public in 1868, McIIlhenny used new cologne bottles that were produced by a local glassworks. The bottles currently in production today are still modelled on this original format and through the years this unique branding has reached notoriatry through various media outlets. From Andy Warhol creations to appearances in movies and even cartoons, the strength of the brand is certainly apparent.


Along with it’s strong imagery, the core facet which makes this product so unique is in fact, the aging process. Following company tradition the Tabasco peppers are still grown on Avery Island but are in fact used to produce seed stock, which is then shipped to foreign growers across America. All peppers are handpicked (to continue this business tradition) with each individual one being rated for it’s colour and ripeness. These peppers are then ground into a mash consistency and placed in oak barrels alongside the natural salt (which is sourced from the local Avery Island salt mine) where they are then aged for up to 3 years. Another month is added onto this time frame, during which the vinegar is added and the product further ferments. Only after this lengthy process, is Tabasco then ready to be bottled and shipped to its 165 countries world wide and translated into 22 different languages.


Though, there have been several other hot sauces produced under the Tabasco brand over the past couple of decades (jalapéno; chipotle; habanero; sweet & spicy & buffalo style), it is only the original flagship product that adheres to the 3 yr aging process. From it’s popularity status with army marines, cafe & restaurant chefs and even several American presidents, Tabasco hot sauce remains as one of the most successfully marketed food products of recent times – and something of which I’m positive it’s founder Edmund McIIlhenny would be eternally proud of. This condiment king likes to buy his Tabasco sauce by the gallon from HARVEY NICHOLS


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