Hopkins River Masterclass

Tommy Collins are proud to declare their recent collaboration with Hopkins River Beef, a huge success. With a professional Masterclass held over two consecutive evenings, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th May, at Hawk & Hunter Ripponlea, theticketed event for meat lovers took place.     


Mr. Collins, alongside his head chef Michael Fox, and beef supremo Adam North, gave a select handful of meat enthusiasts, a lesson on all things beef. The Masterclass, was split in half, with the first block learning the art of preparing a succulent ‘Hanger’ steak – typically known as ‘The Butchers Steak’ – and the second a lesson in cooking it. North took his guests through that journey of butchering beef, whilst Fox focused on the charing, smoking & cooking of the secondary cut, otherwise often discarded and rarely praised.


With steel blades in hand, the beef masters showed how to score the cut and remove tough fatty layers.  They shared their breadth of knowledge about which beef cuts are best used in which particular dish and offered up various meal time suggestions. With their own piece of Hanger steak, chopping board & knife, guests were encouraged to try their hand at butchering the meat, taking in the guidance from Hopkins elite. Each group was then invited into the Tommy Collins  kitchen where Fox taught them how to cook their steak perfectly.  Using his impressive Texas Smoker, chef Fox guided guests through the technique of searing, sealing, smoking & cooking.  Alongside his trusted chef, Mr Collins kept wine glasses full with a 2009 Brown Brothers Tempranillo, encouraging an open forum for guests to ask questions regarding the cooking variations for different steaks and how best to serve them.


As the smoky coals wafted out the succulent smell of tender beef, guests were soon salivating for their taste of this special cut. With the aprons down, it was into linen draped dinning room for a slick sit down 3-course affair.  The hero of the meal was ultimately the sliced medium-rare Hanger steak that had been prepared by the guests themselves.  The stunning dishes were complemented by another selection of ’09 Brown Brothers, Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz.



With full, happy bellies and new butchering & cooking skills in tow, it’s fair to say guests of the Masterclass had a fantastic evening. Now if beef isn’t your bag, don’t fret, Mr. Collins is cooking up more interactive dining affairs soon. . .



Slow beef cheek, roesti, horseradish gremolata

Pickled beef croquets, Kansas sauce

.: ENTRÈE :.

Dried yuzu, Togarashi & Nori beef tartare, sesame crackers

.: MAIN :.

Char grilled & wood smoked Hanger steak (prepared by the guests)

.: SIDES :.

Green leaf

Triple cooked Willwash chips

Baby carrots, parsnips, beetroot

.: DESSERT :. 
Warm chocolate fondant, salted caramel, pidapipo vanilla bean gelato 



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