HAPPY MONDAY from Jamie Oliver

‘Jamie Oliver’s global food revolution continues’

Just when we thought that the one man machine couldn’t achieve any more height in the social media realm with his quick, healthy food guides, he has once again proved why he and his brand are arguably one of the strongest in the food industry. J A M I E  O L I V E R ‘ S  F O O D  T U B E channel is now the fastest growing foodie platform on YouTube in Europe and for good reason – it’s got it all. All Mr. & Mrs. Collins should kick start the week with a happy Monday, what better way than tuning into Jamie Oliver’s Epic Veg Time, a parody on last years’ notorious internet phenomenon from Canada, E P I C  M E A L  T I M E.

The latter was the creation of  H A R L E Y  M O R E N S T E I N  (‘The Sauce Boss’) who decided that the world was lacking a cooking show where artery-clogging fast food creations were the main theme. Hailing from no culinary education whatsoever, Morenstein has since created an online cult, where viewers regularly tune into watch him ‘whip up’ such meals as a ‘Big Mac Lasagne’. Realising just how dangerous to the masses, this type of cooking entertainment’ could potentially be, Oliver decided to step in and throw out his own YouTube parody based solely on the use of vegetables to make mass portion recipes.

His debut piece even cleverly uses Morenstein (apparently being trapped in a basement for his crimes against the food industry) to further amp up the juxtaposition of the two creations. With the use of edgy graphics, sharp camera angles and swift editing cycles, Oliver’s latest vision is sure to be another hit! The satirical theme of the show often mimics the punchy statements used by Morenstein and his crew, but instead teams these to hype up the creation of a giant epic summer salad roll. Following on from his previous M I N I S T R Y  O F  F O O D with it’s ‘pass it on’ theme, Oliver swiftly moved onto the successful realm of his minute meal creations enabling viewers to create quick, healthy meals on a budget. Epic Veg Time seems only natural to slot into this media-food transgression that Oliver himself, appears to be king of. Be sure to click on the ‘Naked Chef’s’ Food Tube and veg out. 


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