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Bespoke, charming, effortlessly cool. These are just a few of the words that can describe boutique Melbourne tailors, Oscar Hunt.  These dapper gents are making their mark on the men’s fashion scene with their made-to-measure suits & impeccable service.  We recently caught up with the man behind the suit, Chris Edwards, to chat all things tailoring, inside their brand new CBD studio…
TC   Have you always been interested in men’s fashion & tailoring?  

OH  I’ve always had a passion for clothes & styling and think that there’s nothing better than going through the process of having a suit that’s made-to-measure.  

TC   What inspired you to start the company & offer gents this uniquely different service?

OH  I remember as a young lad heading to the tailors with my dad whenever he needed to get a suit or jacket for a special occasion.  The tailor would make a big fuss of him and go to great lengths to ensure everything was the way he wanted it.  My dad actually enjoyed the shopping experience and always looked forward to it.  As I got older and shopped for suits myself, I wasn’t happy with what was on offer and the made-to-measure brands were just too expensive.

TC  With regards to the seasonal change in men’s fashion, is there an area that excites you more than others?

OH   To be honest, we get hyped about every season and up-coming event on the calendar.  We’re moving into spring/summer now and with the racing carnival on the horizon, we’re seeing more & more guys planning their outfits in advance & opting for a move away from the more traditional trappings.  The wedding season is fast approaching also, so with plenty of groom fittings booked in, we’re definitely going to be kept busy!

TC   Can you talk us through the process of having a custom made suit created at Oscar Hunt?

OH   It all starts with the initial consultation where we sit down with the client and run through the specs of what they’re looking for.  During this time we take all the correct measurements and pick out the materials, cloths & special features needed.  All of our cloth is sourced from the best manufacturers in London (Huddersfield Cloth) and then the designs are created in China which helps to keep the price point down.  There are a further 2 fittings where our head tailor Oscar Lake makes all the final adjustments & tweaks.  The finished suit or jacket is then ready within a 4-6 week time frame.

TC   Just to touch back on the London aspect, have you drawn any inspiration from the fashion industry there?OH   Yes definitely.  The tailors along Savile Row are probably without a doubt, the best in the world.  Their reputation certainly precedes them, with their esteemed traditions and attention to detail.  In relation to the London fashion scene, I really admire the way British men dress – the classic sharp, tailored look, is the quintessential English style that often inspires us.TC   With regards then to your own service here at Oscar Hunt, what sets you apart from your competitors?

OH   I feel that we really focus on the relationship between client & tailor first and foremost.  It can often be a daunting experience for some guys to have this shopping experience, so we try to make it as relaxed as possible. Our new studio space features a custom-made oak bar surrounded by dark leather armchairs, which certainly adds another comfortable edge to the scenario.

TC   Things are moving quickly Chris, with the new addition of this stunning CBD studio.  Have you got any other future plans in the pipeline?

OH   We’d definitely like to move into Sydney next if we found the right space and hopefully Australia wide after that.  We’ve got a travelling tailor concept on the radar also, from which we could offer our bespoke service straight to your front door.

TC   All of these plans sound very exciting!  But more importantly…are you going to be incorporating a womenswear range anytime soon?!

OH   Haha! Yea that’s certainly a question we get asked a lot – maybe perhaps in the not so distant future…watch this space!

With the interview finished, I relax into the comfort of the Oscar Hunt leather armchair, kick off my brogues, and sip on a smoky, single malt.  Why can’t all shopping trips be just like this?!

Mr. C


Oscar Hunt 
Address     Level 3/43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne.
Phone        0499 000 011
Website     www.oscarhunt.com.au
Email         [email protected]

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