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Fed up with trusting experts offering advice on the dirty D-word:diet. Andi Lew and Dr. Natalie Kringoudis joined forces to create a range of books ‘Eat Fat’.

A natural nurturer and advocate for healthy living, Andi Lew is a health professional, television presenter and published author. Doctor of Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist, and natural fertility educator and writer, Natalie Kringoudis’s belief in the benefits of alternative therapies saw her establish her own women’s health and natural fertility clinic in Melbourne, The Pagoda Tree


‘Eat Fat Be Thin’ was published in 2012 and is jam packed with fantastic information to help people better understand the relevance of protein, fat, carbohydrate in your diet. Along with a bunch of sugar free, dairy free and wheat free recipes, to keep you healthy and stay thin.



At the behest of their followers the girls hit the books once again and launch ‘Eat Fat Be Lean’ earlier this year. This time offering paleo and protein inspired recipes along with greater insights and a better understanding on how and why fat not only tastes great but is actually good for you.

The HAWK & HUNTER bookshop is selling the ‘EAT FAT’ book range and it will be first in best dressed for any christmas orders. Mr. Collins is proud to be a part of the ‘EAT FAT’ cooking demonstration, ‘FIT FESTIVE FOOD’


Get around the girls at their FIT FESTIVE FOOD event,
Hawk & Hunter Small Batch

December 3rd, 2013

Tickets: [email protected]

0415 752 311



Mr. Collins,

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Hawk & Hunter

Hawk & Hunter

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