Autumn/Winter Menu Launch

Well, Summer has certainly come and gone again.  But before we get all gloom & doom about the colder weather coming through, let’s turn our attention to all the amazing produce & food that coincides with this change in season.Mr Collins & his Head Chef Quinn, have been working tirelessly over the past month to create a new Tommy Collins Autumn/Winter Menu….which we can now proudly present to you!
In keeping with our company’s ethos regarding sustainability, Chef Quinn primarily focussed on using local ingredients and suppliers for this new menu, with the aim of highlighting all the exceptional produce we have in abundance within Australia and in particular, here in Victoria.
There was definitely a set out inspired theme for the new design and this was centred around the Australian Outback & Native land.  In particular, Quinn focussed on various indigenous ingredients for the new dishes, which he believes is an important necessity within modern Australian cooking these days.
He noted that,“in Australia we waste a lot of fertiliser and water in our soils & gardens t grow plants from the other side of the world and that we tend to ignore what is already growing around us.  The future of our own agriculture and water tables depends on us to farm what is drought tolerant, hardy & especially Australian”.
With all this native land inspiration buzzing around and the creation of some very unique tantalising tastes on the menu, we can honestly say that we are looking forward to these colder months!


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