A personal pilgrimage to Flinders Island

Ahead of the much anticipated “Flinders Island Masterclass”, the big chiefs at Tommy Collins recently hopped across the Bass Straight to do an impromptu re-con mission at the home of the award winning produce.

With a dawn rising, it was straight onto a chartered flight at Moorabbin airport for James Madden (owner of Flinders Island Meat) and the Tommy Collins crew, followed by a short hour in the sky, landing in the stunning Northern Tasmanian landscape.  


The island is currently undertaking a huge tourism boost to encourage more visitors to enjoy the many trappings of this sustainable, rural land.  Heralding this big drive for ‘ North Tassie Tourism’ is Jana & Rauol from Flinders Council, who are endeavouring to ‘activate’ the island through corporate events, team-building excursions, golf trips and farm retreats.  With an aim to put this Tasmanian beauty back ‘on the map’, the Tommy Collins family are right behind the council here, with plans underway to become catering partners for these future collaborations.

flinders-51         flinders-32

After a quick tour of the family property & farm with James, the team ventured out to the open landscape of golden beaches, breathtaking cliff drops and crystal azure waters.  Next on the agenda was a walk through the lush green fields to take a look at the prized produce, then straight onto lunch at the local pub for some lamb backstrap and a Flinders Island late harvest Riesling.

The last stop of the day was a visit to the local and fully self sustainable Partridge Farm run by Rob & Lorraine Holloway.  The farm offers weekly retreats for people to ‘get back to nature’ and learn the craft of ‘living on the land’ by undertaking the various farm chores, along with activities of hunting, foraging & cooking.

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With the endless possibilities of events on Flinders Island and having bountiful supplies of natural produce on hand, it’s easy to see why we are so excited here at Tommy Collins!



Keep your eyes peeled for some unique experiences coming your way soon…

For more information on this Tasmanian beauty, visit www.myflindersisland.com.au



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